Amber Freda – Urban Garden Designer

Amber has been a big big supporter of the book project from day one.  And this thing has stretched on for awhile – after the huge speedbump we hit last fall with the economy virtually shutting us down (temporarily!!).DSC_0303-2

Amber was pruning the plants on the terrace of a client on Park Ave.


Hell’s Kitchen – America at Home

DSC_0365This image was published in the book America At Home.  I just happened to be in the city shooting some sample pix of rooftops during the week that we were also shooting our assignments for the book project and this one was selected.  The guy at the far right is one of the creators of the Sub Urban Riot line of organic Tees.

Tar Beaches: New York’s Love Affair with the Roof.

Rockefeller Center’s hidden gardens above the ground.  This is an example of one of the earliest “green roofs” in New York.

Rockefeller Center Gardens

My apologies for the long absense.  I have been trying to get the funding to keep this project moving forward.  Something which is proving to be challenging right now despite the obvious interest in the topic.